Ghostbed 11 Inch nearby Tornado

Ghostbed 11 Inch new Ghostbed

  • Our 15 years experience has created the world’s most advanced adaptive gel memory foam mattress and real-time cooling pillow. Science has proven the importance of temperature regulation while sleeping. GhostBed is the industry leader at a cooling sleep experience that’s designed for your individual needs.
  • Bigger. Better. More Affordable. The GhostBed mattress is the highest quality, lowest cost luxury latex and gel memory foam mattress on the market today. The GhostBed is packed with supernatural comfort and crafted with 11″ of ultra premium foams: 1.5″ continuous aerated latex, 2″ 4lbs superior technology cooling gel memory foam and 7.5″ extra high density support foam. The removable cover is plush yet durable and is zippered for easy removal and care.
  • The coolest mattress in America, Made in the USA. Overwhelmingly GhostBed customers absolutely love the feel of their bed and rave about their new sleep experience and you will too! Sleeping on a GhostBed is like floating on air, cool and comfortable, free of pressure and the aches and pains that keep you up at night.
  • Immediate coolburst airflow technology: You will instantly feel the cool burst airflow technology the moment you lay your head down on the GhostPillow. The performance fabric is cool to the touch and engineered to wick away moisture. All of this elegantly packaged in a signature series designer box.
  • Real-time phase change cooling: Our sleep scientists developed the Patent Pending thermo sensitivity technology for the GhostPillow that senses heat and adjusts to keep the sleep environment temperature cool. As your body temperature naturally adjusts throughout the night, the GhostPillow adapts keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • This bundle includes (1) GhostBed memory foam mattress and (2) GhostPillows.  The GhostBed memory foam mattress boasts an industry leading 20 year warranty and the GhostPillow carries a 5 year warranty.  With impressive warranties like these and a 100 night sleep trial and free returns backed by Amazon, what do you have to lose? 

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